Innovative Organization Strategy

Each major concept is broken down into a subset of smaller ideas, which are mastered individually on the way to a thorough understanding of the entire subject. Developing each circlet is a three-stage process:

Everyone brings something to the table; even novice students draw from prior experiences. Identifying the precise gap between what students already know, and what an expert should know is our starting point for each lesson.
Next, we bridge that gap with a series of connectors. The examples and demonstrations we choose are plotted in a learning map, so that they’re anchored with already-familiar concepts. Connectors are designed to provide an “Ah-ha moment,” which helps store the new information in long-term memory.
The biggest threat to retaining new information is a failure to access and use it. We complete each circlet with an opportunity to try things out. As they say, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Once the student is comfortable, the process can begin again.