Team Member

Roy Scardina

Roy Scardina has over twenty years of experience as an executive within the audio-visuals industry. Prior to founding INVENT, Roy served as the Senior Vice President & Chief Learning Officer for PSAV, one of the largest audio visual providers in the world. While overseeing company-wide learning and development, he also held the position of Senior Vice President of International Operations, and was directly responsible for exporting company operations and culture beyond the borders of the United States. He was instrumental in establishing the company’s Canadian and Middle East operations.

Roy has contributed innovation and guidance for large-scale corporate initiatives in several leadership roles, including Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Consultant. His achievements within corporate education include the design, implementation, and sustained operation of multiple national training programs. He’s responsible for educating over two hundred instructors, eighteen national training coordinators, and six thousand technology professionals, along with the commissioning of four national training centers, the development of twelve satellite training facilities and the integration of multiple online learning management systems.